LCCTC Statistics Blog ArtWe are now in our third year of working with Lancaster County Career & Technology Center (LCCTC), helping them to market programs and build enrollment. They are a great client—for many reasons—but one of the best things about LCCTC is that they understand the benefits of a strategic marketing campaign that is targeted, consistent across all media, with messages that are succinct and clear. That’s been our approach each year, whether it’s for bus posters that travel their market, a TV spot that hones in on what matters most to their students, an eye-catching billboard, pull-up banners that stop traffic at the mall or a redesign of their online catalog.

How do we know that what we’re doing for them works? Well, first of all, we’re very good at what we do and we’ve been doing it quite successfully for 25 years. But also, here’s what Kirk Schlotzhauer, Program Director, Post Secondary Education at LCCTC, shared with us recently:

“Since the development and implementation of a comprehensive Branding & Marketing Campaign, Higher Education/Adult Education enrollments have grown almost 400% and profits have increased over 1000% over the last 3-year period.”

Now those are some pretty awesome numbers!