insight newsletter designOver our nearly 27 years in business, we have created and produced a lot of newsletters for clients (see more here)—for a wide variety of audiences in dozens of different business sectors. And you might think that would make us tired of doing newsletters. Actually, the exact opposite is true. We love doing them!

We even love doing our own newsletter, insight. With this latest issue of insight, we decided to do a bit of a creative overhaul. It’s a new, smaller size that’s laid out on four pages. Plus there’s an extra quarter-page flap with useful info about electronic file formats, to tear off and keep handy. We also took a different approach to the content, writing educational articles about some of the basics of advertising and design—topics we know well!

We welcome your feedback on our new-look newsletter. Please let us know what you think! To see a printer-friendly version of our newsletter click here.