logo designYour logo is the face you put on your company in all of your advertising, signage and print materials. It needs to present your business and company with an up-to-date look and feel. Sometimes that can be as simple as tweaking the logo you already have to make it look current. Other times it means starting from scratch and building a whole new look.

We are experts at evaluating the graphic design of your logo and recommending a solution. And once we have updated your current logo or developed a new one, we provide you with everything you need so that your business will have a consistent overall corporate look across all production platforms.

Jeff Rutt, production manager, says, “Whether you need tiff, jpg, gif, eps or pdf files we can produce them. Just tell us your end use and we’ll tell you which file type you need or produce it for you. Plus, we’ll maintain your logo files so they are ready whenever you need them.” We have created a handy guide to electronic files for you to print and hold on to so you’ll know just what you need.

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