chancey's logo
We love the local businesses in our hometown of East Petersburg! Ours is a supportive community and we believe that when one of us succeeds, we all succeed.

With that thought in mind, we were thrilled when Greg Bucher, the owner of Chancey’s Pub, contacted us. Chancey’s is located about a block away from our office and we’ve visited there often. This time, Greg wanted to pay us a visit and enlist our help with his plan to invest in growing his business.

Like many small business owners, Greg wears many hats. Marketing, he confesses, is not an area of expertise. When we met with Greg, he said, “You guys are the experts. I trust you.” And that got our agency-client relationship off to a great start!

First we updated the logo for Chancey’s Pub. The new logo (pictured here) actually has two parts—the complete logo and the “c” in a circle emblem, which can stand alone for use on shirts, hats and other applications. We also worked with Greg to redesign his menu and create a few ads for local publications. And he is in the process of upgrading his exterior signage.

We are proud to have a small part in helping this local business take its marketing to the next level. Our own universe of clients expands well beyond our hometown, but we will always have a place in our hearts for our neighbors and friends here.