0134-001 ENB 2013 annual report_annual

Sometimes we do work for clients and we never have the opportunity to know how well the piece performed or what the intended audience’s response was. But sometimes we get feedback that just makes our day. That’s what happened recently with the annual report we did for our client, Ephrata National Bank.

Craig Rodenberger, Marketing Director, described this year’s annual report as “a success,” adding, “Many are saying it’s our best annual report yet!” He also passed along comments from the bank’s CFO, Scott Lied, who emailed his praise:

Want to take time to recognize what we all see. The Annual Report looks Great! And that is from an Accountant’s perspective! Takes a lot to get us excited. Cover sells the Book. And the Color looks Great! Vibrant….makes us very alive and well.

Needless to say, we were quite excited to have stirred up such emotion from an accountant. Now we can look forward to the challenge of topping it all next year!