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making connections

We recently went on a field trip to The H&H Group, a new vendor we have worked with on a couple of projects. We paid a visit for several reasons. First, it’s fun to put faces to the names of people we do business with—this is a people business, after all. Learning about all of the capabilities of our vendors can spark ideas for different ways to get things done for our clients. With The H&H Group, knowing the ins and outs of their technology helps us to make the best decisions about how to handle the printing and production of a job. And last—but definitely not least—getting out of the office and seeing new things and meeting new people is always a good way to boost our creativity.

So, thank you to The H&H Group! We appreciate you opening your doors and welcoming us in.

more love from our clients


“I love working with the folks from TCG! They are creative, responsive and detail oriented. I can always count on them to do a great job.”
–Lori Moran, Director, Public Relations & Marketing, Holy Spirit—A Geisinger Affiliate

“In a word AWESOME!  Love the new look! You and your staff are the best!!”
–Suzette M. Cover, National Sales Director, Registry for Excellence

“The quality of the work TCG does is second to none. It is high-impact, on target and always creative—but creativity with purpose, creativity that has a direct impact on results. That’s what I love about TCG!”
–­Nancy Draude, CEO, Customer Experience Experts


WHATEVER-250x250Once again the good folks at Marist College Institute of Public Opinion have polled Americans about word usage and found that ‘whatever’ has been named the most annoying word—once again!

This particular word has been dubbed the most annoying in casual conversation for six years in a row in the Marist Poll. More people are finding it irksome – 43 percent – compared to 38 percent in 2013 and 32 percent in 2012.

Here are a few more tidbits from the Marist Poll:

  • Americans younger than 30 are the least likely to be perturbed by hearing ‘whatever.’
  • ‘Selfie’ earned the dubious distinction of being the most overused word in 2014.
  • 27 percent of those polled say ‘hashtag is the most worn-out word.

Find out more about annoying words and dubious distinctions at the Marist Poll website.

start to finish

We recently finished producing the annual report of one of our clients, Holy Spirit Health System. We’ve been involved in the production of their annual report for several years and it’s one of those projects that spans months. We think one of the reasons Holy Spirit entrusts this important project to us is because they know we will take care of every detail, from start to finish.

When we take a project from start to finish, we know our clients benefit in many ways. First, they get to breathe a huge sigh of relief! We do take care of every detail, but when we are involved in producing the final product, we do a lot more.

Using this Holy Spirit annual report as an example, we engaged with our printer when we first started the job. We wanted to ensure that we could meet the client’s deadline, establish a workable schedule and anticipate any complications. The printer we chose for the project let us know how our paper selection would work and what varnishes would work best. We are fortunate to work with several printers who are true partners in helping us meet clients’ needs. They are as tied to the project as we are. And that’s just one benefit of having us handle complete production of a project.

We can tell you all the reasons why it’s best to let us take your project from start to finish. The only way you can appreciate it, though, is to let us show you. Hand your next project off to us for production. You’ll breathe a huge sigh of relief when you do!

thanks giving thoughts

Mashed Potatoes
Sweet Potatoes
Cranberry Sauce
Pumpkin Pie
No School!
Plymouth Rock
The Mayflower
Macy’s Parade
Black Friday Sales!
Giving Back
Giving Thanks

We have so much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving—our amazing clients, our wonderful suppliers and our friends and family! We wish you a holiday filled with gratitude and time with loved ones!

marking monumental milestones

Congratulations to YWCA Lancaster for reaching a landmark anniversary: 125 years! Since 1889, the YW has focused on eliminating racism, empowering women and promoting justice and dignity for all. The organization has been, and continues to be, an invaluable resource for residents of Lancaster County.

We’ve been privileged this year to work alongside many other dedicated individuals and businesses to help plan and carry out the YW’s 125th Anniversary Celebration. Our art director, Kim Smith, served as Communications Chair and was the creative force behind the event logo and much of the printed material.

As the Anniversary Celebration culminates with the Gala this weekend, friends and colleagues of the YW’s CEO, Maureen Powers, will take time to honor her for 28 years of service. We’ve come to know and admire Maureen through years of working with her and YWCA Lancaster on their Race Against Racism, and now on the Anniversary Celebration. Maureen is retiring soon, and though we and the YW will miss her, we know the organization and its mission are in good hands.

Our warmest wishes go out to Maureen and YWCA Lancaster!

we love great clients!

Client quote for blog

The YWCA is a wonderful client. We love working with Angela and all the people at the YWCA. Thanks for the nice comments.

creative flow


If you spend time around creative people, you come to realize that they don’t always think in a straight line. There’s a free flow of thought that often leads creative thinkers to inspiring and unique conclusions, reached in roundabout ways. Our art director, Kim Smith, is a perfect example of this. When she has time, Kim gets lost in a world where she paints and draws and creates, without the pressure of deadlines and client requirements. She shares her art and blogs about the creative process here. One recent post travels loosely from topic to topic, ending with a thought about black-eyed susans. Enjoy!

making a point about patience


“Patience is a virtue; possess it if you can. It’s seldom found in woman, never found in man.”

That quote, of unknown origin, seems rather quaint in today’s world. The truth is, no one is patient these days – not women or men or kids of either gender. We think that’s a pity.

We recently came upon an online discussion about patience and impatience, the bottom line of which was how there is very little of the former in our lives and way too much of the latter. You already know the reasons – technology and other modern advances have given us the gift of being able to get darn near anything we want as soon as we want it. We live in a same-day, on-demand, no-down-time world.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing…well, not all bad. But a life without patience can rob us of important abilities and experiences. The wise folks at Unstuck put it this way:

“Patience is an unsung hero. It enables us to make better decisions. To appreciate the process as well as the result. To tap into empathy, compassion, and understanding. To see things through to the end.”

Without patience, the Unstuck authors continue, “we lack the wherewithal to see things through, to wait for the better outcome, to strive for our heart’s desire when it’s not in front of us at the moment. And that lowers our quality of life in all kinds of ways. Like ulcers and heart issues. Anxiety, anger, and depression. Torn relationships. Compromised quality. Colossal amounts of energy spent on achieving very little.”

In our business, patience is definitely a virtue. Over our 23 years in business, many terrific client relationships have developed because we had the patience to allow them to evolve at their own pace. A lot of creative work resulted for the same reason. Clients have showed patience and trust in our creative talents and great things have happened as a result.

Read the complete Unstuck Blog about patience. The authors include helpful suggestions for when you feel short on patience and advice on how to stay calm. We’re sure you’ll find the whole column interesting, so read it to the end. That is, if you have the patience.

generous and fun!


The town we call home is East Petersburg, Pa., in the heart of Lancaster County. On September 13, East Pete (as we like to call it), celebrated East Pete Day with a variety of events: a kid’s fun run, a 5K Walk/Run, all kinds of food—even a Chili Cook-Off—rides, dancing, games and fireworks!

As part of this wonderful community, we were pleased to donate our expertise and design the logo and all event materials. Several of the TCG staff participated in the “Totally 80s” themed 5K. We worked closely with the race organizer, Kristen Troop, who had this to say after the event was over and she could catch her breath:

“Working with the TCG crew on this year’s Totally 80’s East Pete 5K/Kids Fun Run was — in a word — FUN! Thank you for the opportunity to work with your professional, creative team of enthusiastic people. This year’s event tripled participation from 2013. I learned a great deal from your involvement and support throughout the process of marketing the 5K. Your generosity is appreciated!”

Likewise, we loved working with Kristin, whose own business, Wee Care Day School, was a race sponsor. It takes many hands to pull off an event like East Pete Day and we made some new friends in town. It was terrific to see so many people who live and work in the community show their support. Can’t wait until next year!