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Free summer meals

free summer meals posterSchool kids look forward to summer, but for families supported by free/reduced-cost school lunch programs, the summer off can mean missed meals. In Maryland, the State Department of Education Office of School and Community Nutrition Programs steps in with free summer meals. The program helps to fill the plates of hungry kids so they can fill their summers with fun. We were pleased to help them spread the word by designing eye-catching posters, postcards and bus posters.

Unique & Personal

Hand-lettering lets you add personality and offer that unique, personal touch to your message.

While we’ve talked so much about actual fonts, let’s not forget that hand-lettering’s popularity is growing. Custom-made typography is charming, unique and special, and more and more brands are realizing it. Hand-lettering can be anything. Any shape and size. Any style. But most importantly, you’ll always get something one-of-a-kind, which adds a huge amount of personality to your brand or product.

This is hand-lettered by our very own Kim Smith. 

Modern & Industrial

Outline fonts like Phosphate are everywhere. They evoke a look of power and authority.

Phosphate Pro is an all-caps sans serif font family with an inline weight, and was created in 2010. The original Phosphate was published by International TypeFounders, and the family was based on the ‘Phosphor’ typeface created by Jakob Erbar for Ludwig and Mayer, circa 1922-30. Phosphate Pro has incredible presence and its power shines in display format.

Calm & Tranquil

Want your material to evoke calmness and tranquility? San serif fonts do the job. Such as Gotham Book, a fav of ours, it’s simplistic, yet powerful. 

Gotham is a family of widely used geometric sans-serif digital typefaces designed by American type designer Tobias Frere-Jones in 2000. Gotham’s letterforms are inspired by a form of architectural signage that achieved popularity in the mid-twentieth century, and are especially popular throughout New York City.

Loud & Bold

a love affairWhen you want your main design element to stand out and be visible from far away, use a loud and bold typeface like Interstate UltraBlack.

That’s why this Interstate is perfect for road signs. Interstate is a digital typeface designed by Tobias Frere-Jones in the period 1993–1999, and licensed by Font Bureau. The typeface is based on Style Type E of the FHWA Series fonts, a signage alphabet drawn for the United States Federal Highway Administration by Dr. Theodore W. Forbes in 1949.

Now that’s a fun little fact!

a love affair…

a love affairDo you think it’s possible to be touched by a typeface? To have strong feelings for a font? After you read our thoughts on their role in design, we think you’ll say I do!

First, let’s clarify the terms. You may hear typeface and font used interchangeably. But, in fact, they are not the same. The difference between a font and a typeface is like that between songs and an album. The former makes up the latter. Remember that and you’re good to go. 

For example: a typeface would be Helvetica, and a font would be distinction within the typeface, such as 12 point Helvetica Bold.

In the next few posts we’ll define various styles of typefaces to think about when choosing the perfect font for your design. Stay tuned!

Freshly redone website lures fishing fans

fish in pa websitePennsylvania is home to some of the best rivers and lakes for fishing – and to thousands of fishing enthusiasts. What’s more, fishing fans come to PA from all parts of the country to seek out the hot spots for trout, bass and other species, and enjoy beautiful Pennsylvania scenery. Luckily there’s a great website with a wealth of information to help guide them and we’ve had the chance to play a part in making it the best it can be.
The Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission is a new client for us, since early 2018, when we began to handle advertising for their publications. Our latest project was to redesign the website that houses all things fishing in PA.
We designed a new logo, organized the various categories of information and made the site more user friendly and search engine friendly. Now, anyone from anywhere desiring to fish in PA can find everything they need in one easy-to-access location.
Catch a look at the new site here

This was fun!

technabotsWe recently were presented with a unique challenge—to create a logo for a team of high school girls competing in robotics. They already had the team name, Technabots, and a mascot of sorts, a gazelle. With that input, we got to work.

The gazelle is the school mascot for Philadelphia High School for Girls. We were told that it is often depicted in a leaping pose, but we went a different route, creating a front-facing view of a “mechanical” gazelle head. Incorporating gears and sprockets and servomechanisms, we came up with several options. The chosen design is shown here.

This is the first time we’ve created a logo using gazelles and gears. It was definitely a different kind of creative challenge—and a whole lot of fun!

And here are the options they had to choose from:


electronic file formatsUse of your logo in different media applications and production platforms requires different file formats. That’s so your logo will look its best, no matter whether it appears in print, online, on TV, or wrapped around the backend of a bus!

Say you’re baking a cake and the recipe calls for flour. You don’t have any flour but you do have cornstarch, so you throw that in instead. The result will be a cake that’s…um…let’s just say less than optimum.

The same holds true for an online ad, a billboard, a printed brochure or any other creative work with your logo. You need the right file format to ensure that your logo looks its best. Here’s an example: the .gif or .jpg format is best for use on the web, while an .eps or .tiff is usually best for print.

Just like the “why did you even start baking a cake without having all the ingredients?” lesson, it’s good to be prepared ahead of time with your logo in all formats. Here’s our easy cheat sheet to help you be ready!

Get our free file format cheat sheet so you can always speak the right language!