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What Can A Strategic Marketing Effort Do?

LCCTC Statistics Blog ArtWe are now in our third year of working with Lancaster County Career & Technology Center (LCCTC), helping them to market programs and build enrollment. They are a great client—for many reasons—but one of the best things about LCCTC is that they understand the benefits of a strategic marketing campaign that is targeted, consistent across all media, with messages that are succinct and clear. That’s been our approach each year, whether it’s for bus posters that travel their market, a TV spot that hones in on what matters most to their students, an eye-catching billboard, pull-up banners that stop traffic at the mall or a redesign of their online catalog.

How do we know that what we’re doing for them works? Well, first of all, we’re very good at what we do and we’ve been doing it quite successfully for 25 years. But also, here’s what Kirk Schlotzhauer, Program Director, Post Secondary Education at LCCTC, shared with us recently:

“Since the development and implementation of a comprehensive Branding & Marketing Campaign, Higher Education/Adult Education enrollments have grown almost 400% and profits have increased over 1000% over the last 3-year period.”

Now those are some pretty awesome numbers!

ENB Annual Report: “The best yet”

0134-001 ENB 2013 annual report_annual

Sometimes we do work for clients and we never have the opportunity to know how well the piece performed or what the intended audience’s response was. But sometimes we get feedback that just makes our day. That’s what happened recently with the annual report we did for our client, Ephrata National Bank.

Craig Rodenberger, Marketing Director, described this year’s annual report as “a success,” adding, “Many are saying it’s our best annual report yet!” He also passed along comments from the bank’s CFO, Scott Lied, who emailed his praise:

Want to take time to recognize what we all see. The Annual Report looks Great! And that is from an Accountant’s perspective! Takes a lot to get us excited. Cover sells the Book. And the Color looks Great! Vibrant….makes us very alive and well.

Needless to say, we were quite excited to have stirred up such emotion from an accountant. Now we can look forward to the challenge of topping it all next year!

What A Site!


We just redesigned our website. If you’re a return visitor to our site and reader of this blog, you probably noticed that things look different. If this is your first time here…welcome!

Why the new design? It was time. We had recently updated the colors of our branding and were inspired to make changes to our website that reflect the new us! We did a lot of research to decide on a format that looked fresh and was more user friendly for us and for you.

“You should keep your website fresh in the eyes of your audience,” says Kim Smith, our art director. “Reconsider your site design at least once a year and try to pretend you are visiting for the first time. Does the site look dated or tired? Does it reflect your current advertising and marketing so you have consistency across all your material? Does it create an overall impression of quality and professionalism?”

Many companies find they have loaded their website with more information than anyone will read. A site makeover gives you the chance to cut content to the most interesting and useful essentials. It’s a hard but necessary task. As is true in most advertising and marketing, less is more.

If you choose to give your website a completely new look, as we did, you still want a design that reflects your company’s image and maintains your corporate identity. As an alternative, you can update the look of your site by changing out a few visuals or redoing your home page. (If you need help, we know lots of creative ways to refresh your online presence without breaking the bank.)

We hope you’ll take the time to look around our new site and let us know what you think!

why that color?

Why That Coloro Blog Image

Any number of factors can influence the selection of colors for a client project. Kim Smith, our art director, explains that it’s never just a random process.

“We follow color trends, but never choose a color because it’s trendy,” Kim says. “We consider the project lifespan. If it’s a one-time piece that doesn’t have longevity, a trendy color that really pops may be a great solution. If it’s something that sticks around, it may be best to go with color choices that stand the test of time.”

A client’s corporate colors also can affect the choice.

“There has to be compatibility with their corporate colors—or at least not an unnecessary clash,” Kim says. “You want a friendliness among the colors you use.”

Ultimately, color makes a statement. Sometimes it’s a whisper, sometimes a shout. We believe our color decisions are thoughtful, inspired and strategic…always the right color for the job.

For a look at how we use color creatively, check out our “What We Do” section.

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