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Mid-season = More fun!

bravo! luhrs center mid-seasonIf you’re looking for ways to entertain yourself now that the holidays are behind us and much of the new year is still ahead, check out the mid-season lineup at the Luhrs Center!

We have been working with the good folks at the H. Ric Lurhrs Performing Arts Center at Shippensburg University since day one, designing ads, tickets, brochures and flyers for every season. Last year, the Luhrs Center celebrated their 10th anniversary. We applaud the hard work they do every year to present a delightful variety of entertainment that draws crowds from around the region and beyond. Bravo!

Click here to see the brochure that we designed for them this year.

There’s a party popping up somewhere soon!

ywca lancaster pop-up partyAs longtime supporters of YWCA Lancaster, we were happy to again help the good folks there with promotional material for a far-out and funky event—a 70s Pop-Up Party!

Benefiting the YWCA’s Child Development and TechGYRLS programs, the party is a celebration of everything 70s, from the decade’s funkadelic music to bell bottoms jeans and platform shoes. To help publicize the party, we worked with the YWCA event committee to create the save-the-date card, invitation, flyer and poster.

Pop-up parties can take many shapes and forms. With this one, you know the date and time, but you won’t know the location until a few days before the party. You register ahead of time and get a special notice about where to go to get your groove on!

Here are more details:

Friday, January 27, 7–11 p.m.

Tickets: $50

Costumes are strongly encouraged; the best will earn awards.


The fun includes live “Soul Train” performances, flashback jams, unique silent auction, and 70s-style food and cocktails.

Happy Thanksgiving!

giving thanks, happy thanksgiving

Let the artists paint

H&H, Mary KohlerNow and then, we turn this space over to guest bloggers, who share their wisdom and advice. Mary Kohler is president of The H&H Group, a printing, sign-making and marketing support company that we have partnered with for several years. Mary writes about “doing what you do best.”

You are very smart about your business, probably even passionate. You might even be “the expert” at what you do. You are certainly better at it than most people. Imagine if everyone had the same interests. Wouldn’t that be boring? Fortunately we all have different interests, talents and areas of expertise. And you are good at what you do. Being good at what you do doesn’t mean you are good at marketing though, unless what you are good at is marketing.

More and more people attempt to do their own marketing because software, technology, and the internet have given everyone who has access to a computer and the internet the tools to do some rudimentary marketing. Unfortunately, that has resulted in a lot of bad marketing out there. Though I think people have the right intentions, their outcomes often are off the mark.

But I digress.

If you want to use the software, technology and the internet to do your marketing, you are kind of like me picking up a paint brush and a canvas and trying to paint a masterpiece. I promise you that I cannot paint a masterpiece. I know my limits, plus that creative gene missed my generation and my daughter got it. If I practice a lot, I might become decent at painting. But that is not what I do. I do all the other work that I choose to do and love to do or … have to do… day in and day out, and painting is not one of my things. So I am not likely to become a master painter.

So what about your marketing? Are you a master marketer? If so, keep marketing. If not, please keep in mind that there is help – expert, creative, professional help – out in the world to do your marketing well. Let the artists paint and let the marketers market.

When It’s Time For A Makeover

brochure design, childbirth education brochure, holy spirit, geisinger affiliateIf it has been awhile since you’ve updated your marketing material, or even thought about giving it a fresh look, you are not alone. We often hear from clients that they would like to give their material a makeover, but just don’t have the time to think about it, don’t know where to start or what direction to take. That’s a challenge we love!

We recently worked with our client, Holy Spirit-A Geisinger Affiliate, to update their childbirth education program material. We recommended a change in brochure size—to one that is smaller and more user-friendly—more concise copy and new photos. We also reorganized some content in a more accessible way.

Sometimes, a fresh perspective can take marketing material from just okay to wow! Let us know if you could use a new point of view for your marketing needs.

that’s some spooky etymology

spooky etymology halloweenWhat better way to celebrate Halloween than with a little spooky word etymology!


A dig back in time to mid-19th century Scotland reveals that this word originated to startle crying children (perhaps to make them stop?) and soon was adopted by those pretending to be ghosts.


Rooted in Old English, this word originally meant ‘the soul as the seat of life.’ Authors in the 11th century began to use it as we do today, to refer to the soul of a dead person who wanders among and haunts the living.

Jack o’ Lantern

Carving pumpkins to create the classic jack o’ lantern face is believed to have originated with the Celtic culture, which celebrated summer’s end and the last harvest on October 31st. Children carved gourds and placed a burning lump of coal inside to welcome loved ones who had died in the past year and to protect against mischievous spirits.


Monstrous creatures from European folk tales of the Middle Ages, goblins are generally depicted as meddlesome troublemakers. In these stories, they’re mischievous or downright mean, and usually target and terrorize children.

Trick or Treat

Various stories about the origins of trick-or-treating abound. The popularity of the activity in the U.S. is traced to native traditions of Scottish and Irish immigrants. Young people, dressed in costumes, went door to door in their villages and accepted offerings to pray for the souls of the homeowners’ dead relatives. The tradition evolved to one in which children would perform a trick—tell a joke or sing a song—in return for treats such as fruit, nuts or coins.

We love our clients

We really enjoy working with client quote, lyn patterson, estate settlement solutionsLyn Patterson at Estate Settlement Solutions. We have worked on many projects with her over the past three years, including creating her company’s logo, business cards, brochures and website. Thanks for the wonderful comments and for being a great client.

Back to the 80’s

billboard design, 2016 EP5K Race BillboardWe did a little time traveling this past weekend as our hometown of East Petersburg, Pa., celebrated East Petersburg Days with a Totally 80’s themed 5K! The celebration lasts three days and includes a variety of events with the 5K walk/run and kid’s fun run on Saturday morning.

As part of this wonderful community, we were pleased to donate our expertise by designing the logo and event materials. This is the third year we’ve been involved. Among the many pieces we created is the bright and fun digital billboard (pictured here) used to promote the 5K race. It is a blast working with Kristin Troop owner of Wee Care Day School, the race founder, in planning and coordinating this awesome event. We are beyond proud to do something that supports our local community.

TCG was represented in the race by Tim Rehman, husband of our go-to person Julie Rehman. Tim placed 6th overall and 1st in his age bracket, running the 5K with a time of 18:26. It was a great day to be part of the East Petersburg community—and tons of fun!