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that’s some spooky etymology

spooky etymology halloweenWhat better way to celebrate Halloween than with a little spooky word etymology!


A dig back in time to mid-19th century Scotland reveals that this word originated to startle crying children (perhaps to make them stop?) and soon was adopted by those pretending to be ghosts.


Rooted in Old English, this word originally meant ‘the soul as the seat of life.’ Authors in the 11th century began to use it as we do today, to refer to the soul of a dead person who wanders among and haunts the living.

Jack o’ Lantern

Carving pumpkins to create the classic jack o’ lantern face is believed to have originated with the Celtic culture, which celebrated summer’s end and the last harvest on October 31st. Children carved gourds and placed a burning lump of coal inside to welcome loved ones who had died in the past year and to protect against mischievous spirits.


Monstrous creatures from European folk tales of the Middle Ages, goblins are generally depicted as meddlesome troublemakers. In these stories, they’re mischievous or downright mean, and usually target and terrorize children.

Trick or Treat

Various stories about the origins of trick-or-treating abound. The popularity of the activity in the U.S. is traced to native traditions of Scottish and Irish immigrants. Young people, dressed in costumes, went door to door in their villages and accepted offerings to pray for the souls of the homeowners’ dead relatives. The tradition evolved to one in which children would perform a trick—tell a joke or sing a song—in return for treats such as fruit, nuts or coins.

We love our clients

We really enjoy working with client quote, lyn patterson, estate settlement solutionsLyn Patterson at Estate Settlement Solutions. We have worked on many projects with her over the past three years, including creating her company’s logo, business cards, brochures and website. Thanks for the wonderful comments and for being a great client.

Back to the 80’s

billboard design, 2016 EP5K Race BillboardWe did a little time traveling this past weekend as our hometown of East Petersburg, Pa., celebrated East Petersburg Days with a Totally 80’s themed 5K! The celebration lasts three days and includes a variety of events with the 5K walk/run and kid’s fun run on Saturday morning.

As part of this wonderful community, we were pleased to donate our expertise by designing the logo and event materials. This is the third year we’ve been involved. Among the many pieces we created is the bright and fun digital billboard (pictured here) used to promote the 5K race. It is a blast working with Kristin Troop owner of Wee Care Day School, the race founder, in planning and coordinating this awesome event. We are beyond proud to do something that supports our local community.

TCG was represented in the race by Tim Rehman, husband of our go-to person Julie Rehman. Tim placed 6th overall and 1st in his age bracket, running the 5K with a time of 18:26. It was a great day to be part of the East Petersburg community—and tons of fun!

National Ampersand Day!

Once the last letter of the alphabet. A ligature of e & t (et in Latin means and). #allhailtheampersand #funtosay #funtouse #nationalampersandday


1_2016_teamwork blog graphic kim
Hundreds of U.S. athletes are in Rio this month, hoping to make history in the summer Olympics. And thousands of supporters back home are rooting for them to do so.

Long before they arrived in Rio, these ‘best of the best’ athletes spent countless hours preparing. But they weren’t alone. A team of people—families, friends, trainers, coaches, teammates and other fans—devoted endless amounts of time and, in some cases, huge sums of money to help make their Olympic dreams come true.

We’ve long believed that teamwork is the best way to reach goals. In fact, one of our criteria for what defines a good client is one with whom we can work as a team. And we know that smart clients feel the same way about the agency they choose. The best client-agency relationships, and the most amazing creative, come from working together. In our view, teamwork helps make advertising dreams come true!

Go Team USA!

Meet Amanda

amandawebMy name is Amanda, and I’m a Communication Design student at Kutztown University of Pennsylvania. I discovered my passion for graphic design at York County School of Technology (YCST), where their commercial and advertising art program introduced me to the field. When I first applied to YCST, I thought I was going to be an illustrator, but as the years passed, I fell in love with branding, logo creation and web design. Now, as a student in my fourth year at Kutztown, I am pursuing a career that will have me designing for interactive media.

I met TCG years ago through my father, who works for one of their clients, Armstrong World Industries. When it came time for me to get field experience, I hoped that TCG would have an opening for an intern. Luckily they did, and now I’m working on projects that help refine my design aesthetic, give me experience working with clients and allow me to continue mastering the Adobe suite.

An intellectual says a simple thing in a hard way. An artist says a hard thing in a simple way.
~ Charles Bukowski

Looking Good!

acf brochure web

It’s a specialized industry with a select customer base. Much of the business is generated by word of mouth. But when a prospective customer requests more information, it still doesn’t hurt to look good.

We recently designed this sales brochure for ACF Industries, which sells storage tanks for products such as liquefied petroleum gas, gaseous oxygen and other gases that require special handling and secure storage. In their industry, our client explained, the information presented in the brochure is usually provided in a very “vanilla” format. One company’s information doesn’t stand out from the next. They wanted to rise above that.

The brochure design cleanly represents the company’s brand and demonstrates the process and the quality of its products through photography. It provides important information in an easy-to-read layout, using red, white and blue to reinforce their desired message that the product is made in the USA. The piece debuted at a recent trade show in Nashville.

Said Bill Yost, VP of Sales for ACF, “Within our organization, it has been very valuable.”