Some words can be so annoying. I’m just sayin’, you know. So, like, people need to stop using them all the time, obviously. But some people don’t care about that… so, whatever.

‘Whatever’ has been named the most annoying word in conversation for 2013, according to the Marist College Institute of Public Opinion. It’s an honor the word has held for five years running. The percentage of people calling it most annoying has gone up—in 2012, 32 percent dubbed it thus; now 38 percent say so.

In our business, we value words. They have a job to do in the copy we create for our clients and we try not to waste a reader’s time. If a word does not add to the intent of a sentence, it surely should not detract from it.

By the way, the first paragraph of this post contains the next four most annoying words after whatever, in the 2013 Marist survey. Bet you can figure out what they are.