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Unique & Personal

Hand-lettering lets you add personality and offer that unique, personal touch to your message.

While we’ve talked so much about actual fonts, let’s not forget that hand-lettering’s popularity is growing. Custom-made typography is charming, unique and special, and more and more brands are realizing it. Hand-lettering can be anything. Any shape and size. Any style. But most importantly, you’ll always get something one-of-a-kind, which adds a huge amount of personality to your brand or product.

This is hand-lettered by our very own Kim Smith. 

Messy & Remarkable

Break out of the ordinary with messy fonts, like Dirty Ego—think effortless without trying.

Bold, serif and script fonts all have messy counterparts that can be used as the basis for the rough and messy font trend. They abandon what’s “pretty” as we know it, and create a new form of beauty—one that doesn’t care. If you want to stand out and break out from the ordinary—and if you can handle the mess—these fonts are for you.