brochure design, childbirth education brochure, holy spirit, geisinger affiliateIf it has been awhile since you’ve updated your marketing material, or even thought about giving it a fresh look, you are not alone. We often hear from clients that they would like to give their material a makeover, but just don’t have the time to think about it, don’t know where to start or what direction to take. That’s a challenge we love!

We recently worked with our client, Holy Spirit-A Geisinger Affiliate, to update their childbirth education program material. We recommended a change in brochure size—to one that is smaller and more user-friendly—more concise copy and new photos. We also reorganized some content in a more accessible way.

Sometimes, a fresh perspective can take marketing material from just okay to wow! Let us know if you could use a new point of view for your marketing needs.