megaphone media graphicWhat combination of media is best to reach your target audience — direct mail, radio or TV spots, billboards, online or print ads? How can you make sure they see your ad?

We have the expertise to help. We…

• Start by developing a comprehensive media plan that makes the most of your advertising dollars.

• Understand the available options and have an ongoing relationship with all media outlets.

• Meet with media reps and evaluate the pros and cons of media choices.

• Do the research needed to make sure that your message is placed where it will have the most impact.

And after you’ve approved the media plan, we…

• Make sure that your advertising gets the best placement and runs when and where it is supposed to, for the agreed-upon amount.

• Streamline billing into one monthly media invoice.

How easy is that?

Keep in mind that we don’t represent any one particular media outlet, or favor one type of media. Our only motivation is to make sure that your message gets to your target audience.

“We always make sure that our clients get the best value for their media dollars. That allows them to focus on their business while we focus on making their advertising campaign a success” –Margie Seagers, media  coordinator