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Your Newsletter: Print It? Post It? Or Both?

Sample images workingA couple of years ago, we gave recipients of our newsletter, Insight, the option to receive it electronically instead of in print. We repeat that offer in every issue. To date, 13 of about 500 people on our mailing list opted for the electronic version.

While 500 people is not a huge sample, the experience tells us that many folks still favor printed communications. Maybe they like the feel of paper in hand or maybe they get very little in the mail these days and like seeing something addressed to them personally. Our conclusions may not be scientific—but then again, maybe they are! Some studies show that there is, in fact, science behind the preference for printed material…neuroscience.

These facts from recent research make the point:

  • Canada Post conducted a “neuromarketing” study that showed printed direct mail is: (1) easier to understand and more memorable than digital media; (2) far more persuasive than digital media; and (3) visually processed quicker than digital media.
  • Direct mail—such as printed newsletters—sends a sensory signal that stimulates a deeper level of engagement than digital messages, making it much more likely to be noticed. Consumers state that they are more likely to notice and read direct mail (53%) than email (26%).
  • In the world of advertising, print appears to have a lot of “neuro” swagger as well. A neuroscientific study sponsored by the Postal Service Inspector General’s office found that while digital ads seize attention more quickly, print ads hold attention longer, elicit a stronger emotional reaction, and play a greater role in the ultimate purchase decision.

Here’s what we know: newsletters are still an effective tool to reach current and prospective customers. Though there were claims about a decade ago that print would be all but dead by now, that’s not happening. We produce newsletters for several clients who still favor print for this communication. And we do our own newsletter in print. We also post ours on this website.

It’s not necessary to drop print for electronic newsletters. You can make them available both ways, as we do, and let your readers choose. They’re smart and they know what they want.

If you would like to receive our newsletter insight please send a note to Margie and she will add you to our mailing list!

run like a rockstar!


Recently we were part of an event that really rocked!

The 3rd annual East Pete 5k Race, sponsored by the East Petersburg Events Day Committee, brought out people of all ages to help raise money for upkeep and improvements at the community park and other open spaces. Held September 19, the race was part of a day of fun events for East Petersburg residents and visitors. This wonderful and welcoming community is where TCG Advertising & Design calls home—and where Kim Smith, our art director, and her family live.

This is our second year being involved with the race. We again were thrilled to work with Kristen Troop, coordinator of the race committee and owner of Wee Care Day School, to create this year’s theme and help plan the race. The big idea: Rock Star!

Everyone was encouraged to dress like a rock star for the race. The “best-dressed”—those who rocked the most!—earned prizes. The race kicked off a full day of events at the park, including a parade, music, rides and other fun activities, ending with fireworks. Over 200 runners participated in the race, which was a rockin’ success.

We created all of the marketing materials for the race, including the logo, sponsorship sheet, registration form, save-the-date eblast, yard signs, posters, digital billboard, tent cards, t-shirts, Facebook posts, trophies and medals. In addition to it being a fun event to participate in, we love working with the other committee members and are beyond proud to do something that supports our local community.

Kim and her husband, Mike, ran in the race. Her daughter, Isabel, took third overall in the Women’s category, quite the accomplishment for Isabel, who’s only 12 and runs for the middle school cross country team. Julie Rehman, our agency go-to person for many things—we call her “The Glue”—volunteered along with her daughters, Zoe and Liz, and cheered the racers along the course. Julie’s husband, Tim, also ran, taking second in his age category.

Overall, it was a great day to support the East Petersburg community—and tons of fun! We are grateful for the opportunity to be involved.