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Investing In The Client-Agency Relationship

blog art client agencyWhen you decide to work with an ad agency, it means you are willing to invest your company’s time and money in return for top-notch creative solutions. It’s an important relationship, with a lot at stake. Being on the agency side of these relationships for many years, we have a few tips that make life easier for everyone. And they can even help save time and money.

  1. Give as much input to your agency upfront as possible. The more organized and comprehensive your information is, the better.
  2. Get all necessary approvals for content before your agency begins its creative work. Every time copy or layout is revised, it impacts the cost of the project. And makes it take longer.
  3. Share with your agency any assumptions and expectations you have about how you want your finished project to look. For example, if you have a preference for paper stock or color, let it be known before design work begins and printing estimates are started.  It’s best if those activities happen with your preferences in mind at the start.
  4. Make any corrections at the layout approval stage. As the project moves through production, the more “final” it is, the more costly it becomes to make changes.

When clients work with us, we pledge to spend their time and money as if they were our own. That means we work in the most efficient and conscientious way we can. It’s part of our formula for success. We follow the four tips outlined above and projects tend to go very smoothly for both our clients and us. That means a lot less stress and way more happiness all around!

Hey, Guys: Walk a Mile in Her Shoes


new2 YWCA Walk A Mile Poster Blog Post
It has been our privilege to work with the good folks at YWCA Lancaster for 17 years, helping them engage the community in their excellent programs and services. This year, the YW is getting involved for the first time in “Walk a Mile in Her Shoes,” an event in which men strap on a pair of high heels to bring greater awareness to sexual assault prevention, treatment and bystander intervention.

We were happy to develop materials to support the event, including the logo, posters, postcard, sponsorship form and e-blast. And now we’re more than happy to help promote the event, It’s a fun time and a terrific cause. Proceeds from the event will benefit the YWCA Lancaster Sexual Assault Prevention & Counseling Center.

Here are a few particulars and where to find more information and sign up:

Walk a Mile in Her Shoes
Friday, September 18, 6 PM
Downtown Lancaster

Hey, guys! This is your chance to show your support in a unique way. Sign up as an individual or in teams. Don’t worry if you don’t have a pair of high heels to strap on – the YW has been collecting heels in large sizes just for this special occasion. But if you have your own, by all means, bring ‘em. (No judgment!)