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Brand Loyalty Quiz

Do you find yourself buying the same brands over and over? Why is that? Are there things you buy that you could care less what brand they are? Why is that? Let’s get a little more specific.

Make a list and see if you Have a Brand or Don’t Have a Brand, for the following products: Car, Smart Phone, Tablet, Laptop, TV, Coffee, Shoes, Laundry Detergent, Juice, Potato Chips, Peanut Butter.

You could list all consumer products you purchase. This just helps to get the conversation started. What has made you loyal or not loyal to brands you’ve listed? Do believe that those you are most loyal to are the ones that did the best job of fulfilling their brand promise?

The Brand Promise

succeedWhen you make a promise, mostly likely you keep your promise. A promise speaks to a person’s character, values and quality. The same goes for companies. Their brand promise says that what a company promises they are going to deliver to the people who interact with them. It is your company’s promise of what makes you different, special, better or unique – it is what your brand fulfills for those who interact with it. Companies who consistently keep their brand promise are the ones who have the highest brand loyalty.

Think of your favorite brands. What do you think their brand promises are?

The Way of the Wax Seal

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If the image of a wax seal conjures up medieval courts with kings and such, there’s a good reason for that. The use of wax seals began in the Middle Ages by royals and bishops when issuing official documents. The wax seal on a document proved its authenticity. Eventually, wax seals found their way into usage by one and all. Tradesmen began to use them and then ordinary townsfolk.

Here’s a thoroughly enjoyable read and more on wax seals, including how to make them:

Today, the idea of a wax seal still suggests that an item is elegant and special, even regal. That thinking was behind the image of a wax seal we used in creating a new logo for our client, The Registry for Excellence. They specialize in custom-designed plates and other unique items for employee recognition and academic and athletic achievement. The new logo is shown here on pull-up banners designed for use at trade shows.